Sunday, April 20, 2008

My First Post

If I can remember the URL to this bugger, I'll be golden. Let's see how long it lasts before I've forgotten my own blog.

I'm basically just writing this first post so that people I add can figure out who on earth I am (Namely, Lindsay, who inspired this with her post in the first place.). I should warn everyone that I'll probably complain about being pregnant, complain about my house, & write endless lists. I'm sure people will be lining up to read this ...

Anyway, my first post is underwhelming because I need to get in the shower shortly so I can get over to work. My plan for the day involves getting showered, going into work, then coming home & sticking the chicken in the oven for dinner, then taking Kieran outside to ride his tricycle if it's nice enough (which is should be). As long as I slather us both with Skin-So-Soft, we seem to repel sand fleas well enough. While I'm out there, I plan to de-junk both cars (They collect soft drink cups & such.) in preparation for this weekend, when we'll be packing the green car chock full of stuff & taking off on a road trip. So the less junk in the car, the better!

That will end my first, largely underwhelming post. I'll try to be more interesting later on!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Ohhh a road trip sounds like fun! I am glad your going to write in here, pregnancy is always a fun topic. lol